Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok all...
I don't know who I pissed off or how since I have not been around for literally more then the last 2 months but do not worry I will not be showing up anytime soon!! I had some serious family issues to handle and things have been really wierd for me. At a time I was not going to come back to creating but I decided I enjoyed it to much to stop. Well now I am second guessing that choice.

I have had 2 people in the last week write me and say I am miss useing thier products according to thier TOU, and I promise you all, I READ THOSE THINGS!! And in both causes it was kits that were over a year old, so that tells me someone is really trying to either piss me off or has more time on thier hands then i do to try and nit pick my shit (excuse my launge, I am kinda upset) ...

So whoever wants me gone, you are gonna get your wish!! I have decided to pull my stuff out of MOST of my stores and when I do get time to create it will be for Store Collabs, Blog Trains (free goodies) or just CU items that will go only in Commerical ...

If you have any complaints about my crap, you can email me personally at ... I have a lady that takes care of my blog here so I do not see the comments to posts very often ... As for the complaints i already have, IF I indeed violated something I will remove it from the kit, but I promise most of the things I am hearing complaints about are ok and they will stay in the kits if i was within the TOU and my right to use the product I purchased.


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  1. Sweetie I loves you and hope you don't stop designing! I love your stuff. I know you have been quiet and had lots of other stuff happening but hey we all have real lives....well, at least that's what I hear...LOL Chin up and don't let the nasties get you down!