Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LINK FIXED to Freebie Cup Cake Kit

Ohhh wow...i hadn't realized the link didn't work! SOOOOOO SORRY!!
It's the darn CupCake name...it's not allowing it :)

So here is the new link!!!!



New Free Kit...

This is my latest freebie.
It matches the new Earth Wise kit I released last week!!
I just love greens and blues!!
Hope you like this one....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Kit - Girls Are Made Of *FREEBIE*

Well, I told you i had another FREEBIE kit coming I just had to finish it up and get the preview for you all ... So here it is. It is very similar to my last kit but this one is for girls!! It has 8 papers 800x800 in size and 30 fun girly elements!! I hope you all will have fun with it! **If you wish to purchase this kit in FULL size please contact me at Andrexeae@gmail.com**

You can get this kit HERE

My Mod Challenge...

I'm not as good with the naming as the other ladies...but you get the picture!!

Here is my kit for the challenge!!! I sure love this challenge!! What a great way to get so many different kits out of ONE picture!!!!This kit is a FREEBIE!!!

10 polka dotted pretty papers and lots of beautiful elements to match!!!

You can download the .ZIP file HERE
You can downlaod the .RAR file HERE
Both in Tagger Size!!! Sorry, but my computer is a wimp on storage space!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Kit - Boys Are Made Of *FREEBIE*

Well here is my Freebie Challenge Kit. It is called Boys Are Made Of and full of little boy things and elements. it has 8 papers that are 800x800 in size and i think 29 elements (maybe 30, I can't remember, lol) I am also working on a sister kit to this one, so stay tuned for Girls are Made Of Kit later on this week.... **If you wish to purchase this kit in FULL size please contact me at Andrexeae@gmail.com**

You can get this kit HERE

Sweet Nothings Mod Challenge!

Using the tube Nicole has shown you, I have created the kit below for you! I hope you enjoy this one!!! It's called Sweet Nothings! And it's a freebie!!!


TYI Mod Challenge

Well everyone...

It is that time again were the Mods from TYI (the creators here, lol) have another Challenge kit we did together. This time we had to pick 4 colors from the tube below and make a kit that contained 5 - 10 papers and 25 - 30 elements. we could not creat more then 3 of the same element. So I hope you enjoy all of our new free kits for you all...


Recycle Reuse Renew....

My new kit!! Green's and blue's.....and lots of fun elements!!
Remember to Recycle!!! This fun kit has 7 papers and 2 ripped papers...
LOTS of elements!!!!

You can have this kit for $3!!!!

New Freebie!! - Overlays

Well all ... I am the Head Mod at Winni's Scrapbooking Lessons and a few members have been asking questions about overlays and how to use them. I have created a small set of 3 overlays for that group to help explain how you create and use them. So I thought I would share them with you all as well! and the best part ... it is a FREEBIE!! hehehe

You can get the overlays HERE

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Flowers Freebie

Look what I have for you!! A brand new pack of paper flowers! I have made these by hand and glittered them for you!! These are for personal use only, and I hope you like them! There are 7 papers flowers, one of them without glitter, so I hope you like them!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Midnight Sparkle FREEBIE

I've got just a little freebie for you tonight!! This is Midnight Sparkle and is something my 12 year old daughter has helped put together. She wanted to try her hand at creating, so I let her. The papers are her result as well as the cardboard frames, well the glitter on them anyway, lol She loves glitter!! You should see her room, it's all in purple, carpet, walls, curtains, and she has glitter and sparkles everywhere!! I wanted to name it Devin's Sparkles, but she said no, lol Oh well!! One day, she'll let me name a kit after her!! Anyway, enough yammering, this little jewel is tagger sized, png format and has 6 papers and 23 little elements.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Kit - Summer Love

My next kit was inspired by the bright and beautiful colors of summer, I was thinking about spending a day in the sun and the beach with my best friend, my Hubby!! And that is where I got "Summer Love". So this kit is full of bright fun papers and lots of neat elements. There are 8 papers 800x800 and 34 elements. **If you wish to purchase this kit in FULL size please contact me at Andrexeae@gmail.com**

This kit is $3.00 and you can purchase it useing either of the buttons below. Please make sure to include your Email addy and Kit name when purchasing and allow at least 24 hours for me to send the kit to you after payment.
Buy Now using Revolution Money Exchange

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Purple Skys Freebie....

Here is my latest!!! Purple Skys

I love the balloons...which is why I went with the name!!!
This is a free kit!!!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blackberry Creme" FREEBIE Kit

Here is a little freebie for you! There are a sample of some of the items in the larger PTU kit, plus a couple of papers not found in the PTU kit. This kit is a mini freebie for you! Hope you like it!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blueberry Creme' Add-On FREEBIE!

FREEBIE TIME!! This is a tiny little mini kit for you to play with!!. All items are tagger sized and in PNG format. Enjoy the freebie!!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Raspberry Creme' FREE Add-On

As promised, here is the FREE add-on mini kit that goes with the larger PTU kit, Raspberry Creme' below. I hope you enjoy this little kit and will be on the lookout for Blueberry Creme' Coming Soon!!


Friday, May 2, 2008

Raspberry Creme PTU Kit

Introducing the first kit in a series entitled Fruit and Creme'!! This is rich, deep raspberry in color with a touch of sweet creme added! You'll find glass elements, bows, butterflies, sunflowers, frames and more!! A total of 10 papers and 37 elements! Soon to follow will be kits in blueberry, peach, blackberry, and strawberry! Cost of this kit is 2.00 and can be purchased using the button below. Please allow up to 24 hours for receipt of your kit.
Tomorrow will be a sampler of this kit for you to play with too!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mod Challenge My Part!

Here is my part of the TYI Mod Challenge!! I stuck it all in one preview and I took colors form the tube we used and made the kit in the same style as the tube itself!!

Hope you like my part of this challenge!


Mod Challenge Kit by Connie

Here is my kit from the challenge!!!!!

Happy downloading and Happy Scrapping!!!

New Freebie Kit - Spring Flowers

Here is my Kit from the TYI Mod Challenge... it is a FREEBIE Kit of course and has 5 papers and 24 elements!! It is a taggers size kit!! I am so very excited about this one because I HATE to create with Yellow and I am amazingly suprised how nice it turned out...

You can get this kit HERE

**If you wish to purchase this kit in FULL size please contact me at Andrexeae@gmail.com**


As you all will see next, all of us here are very dear friends and we run a Tag Game Group called Tag Your It. We are all Mods there. We created this challenge for ourselves to pick a tube and set rules and create a kit from those rules. That way you all can see how different our styles are from something that started out the same!!

Below is the tube we picked our colors from and we could make NO MORE then 6 papers and 24 elements with atleast 5 different elements in the kit. So the next few posts will be the resulting kit from each individual.

Cool As A Cucumber PTU Kit

Ever hear the expression Cool As A Cucumber? Well that is what this little jewel is about! Cool greens and shiny silver and glass! not everything is shown in the preview. There are 10 papers and 30 eleemnts including frames, glass and metallic doodles, metallic butterflies and chrome flowers and more!! Kit is tagggers in size and in PNG format. Hope you like this one and stay tuned for my new series, Fruit and Cream, coming soon!! Cost of this kit is $2.00and can be purchased using the button below.

Please be sure to leave a valid email address and allow up to 24 hours for receipt of your kit as I send them all out by email!