Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well i am going away for the weekend but since we have Mothers Day and National Scrap Day all coming up CSS will be having a BIG SALE!! Already all of my products are marked down. Most items are just $1 and nothing is over $2!! Go get those great kits you have been wanting!!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

New Kit - Alice Cullen

Another kit in my Twilight Series .. This one is for Alice Cullen. I love Alice, she has always been one of my faves in all the books so it was a joy to work on this kit. In all my stores Soon!!

And if you missed out on the Jasper kit you can get both him and Alice for just $3 ... coming soon!!

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New CU Items!!

Guess what ... I have been accepted to sell my CU stuff at Commercial Use .com ... How cool is that?? LOL!! ok so I am excited!! You can get all my stuff Here as well as my 4 new items below.

New Tuts! By Me!!

Here are a few more new Tuts I have written in the last week.. Enjoy!!

Tut Here
Kit: Alice Cullen
Designer: Simply Irresistible (me, lol)
Tut Here
Kit: Some Bunny Luvs Me
Designer: Scraps with Lil Ole me

Tut Here
Kit: April Showers
Designer: Scraps with Attitude

Tut Here
Kit: Pisces
Designer: Stacey's Designs

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Kit - Jasper Hale

Here is my next kit in my Twilight Series .. I hope you all think I did Jasper justice. He is a hard person to work with since he is not a major, major character. I still love these colors together either way, LOL... Enjoy!! You can find it in all of my stores soon!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Tuts! By Me!!

Told you I had been writing tuts!! Now the ones down below are useing my own kits, the kits are PTU but i have supplies the peices i used for the tuts, so you all can still try them! The top couple are useing other designers kits so I could not supply them, But you can purchase them at Creative Scraps Store.
Tut Here
Kit: Java
Designer: Connie's Creative Chaos

Tut Here
Kit: Pink Romance
Desiger: Shells Scraps

Tut Here
Kit: Raspberry Kisses

Tut Here
Kit: Jasper Hale

Tut Here
Kit: Febuary Collab - Love Story

SID Tag Templates 01 - 04

Well I have a little new found freedom and I am going to start a few new things with that extra time I now have. My first is to get back into Tut writing for you all. I will be writing tuts for my store designers, Creative Scraps.

I am also making Tag Templates. Now be easy on me because I am still new to this, LOL. But here are my first 4 Templates for you all! They are of course free but I ask you to give me credit if you use them in tuts. Thanks!!

Download Here

Creative Scraps Countdown!

You like Freebies right?? Well we have 10 days, each day a different Free Product!! Starting on April first Creative Scraps Store will give away a different peice to a Mega Collab kit for Free!!
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