Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Miss Girlie Girl PTU Mega Kit

Now let me introduce you to Little Miss Girlie Girl Mega Kit! Kit has 10 papers, and 65 elements and frames. There are handmade frames, handmade glitter doodles, an Alpha, flowers, gems, jewels, lace and more! More than shown on preview and everything to make this a sweet girlie kit! Due to popular request, the papers are now 800 x 800 in size, and as always items are PNG in format. Kit is only $2.00 and can be purchased using the button below. Please be sure to leave an email address when ordering and allow up to 24 hours for receipt of your kit.

Little Miss Girlie Girl Freebie

Introducing Little Miss Girlie Girl!! Well, the sampler that is!! This little kit is only a taste of what the Mega Kit has in it! Pretty pinks and light grey, add a little white, some lace and all sorts of goodies!! Enjoy your free sampler !!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

New Kit - Danger Zone in Red

Well it is about time huh?? LOL!! I was almost done with this one and then caos broke out in a couple of groups and I could never find the time to finish it. So here it is!! I hope to do a version of this with purple as well later on if this is a hit.

There are 12 Papers, 64 Elements, and a full uppercase and number Alpha and I hope you all can have fun with this one!! **If you wish to purchase this kit in FULL size please contact me at, it is $4.00**

Please make sure to include your Email addy when purchasing and allow at least 24 hours for me to send the kit to you after payment.
This kit is $3.00

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Twilight Kisses PTU Taggers Kit

Inspired by the beautiful colors of the edge of night, deep blues, dark purples, a little light blue left over from the evening sky!! Rich detail, this kit is full of passion! This kit contains 16 papers and 35 elements including glitter doodles, gems, frames, including one handmade by me, and much more not shown in the preview. kit can be purchased below for the price of only $2.oo. Please be sure to include your email address and allow up to 24 hours for receipt of your kit.


Taste Of Summer FREE Sampler

A Taste of Summer FREE Sampler!! Inside are just a sample of the items found in the much larger PTU Kit! Enjoy the freebie!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Taste Of Summer PTU Taggers kit

I was at the grocery today and saw these lovely ripe peaches and plums and it hit me what beautiful colors they were and just had to put them into a kit! So here it is in all its juicy, ripe glory!! A Taste of Summer. Full of gorgeous reds, oranges, a little gold and peach colors. Kit has 10 papers, and 45 frames and elements all in beautiful foils and rich colors! NOT EVERYTHING IS SHOWN IN PREVIEWS. Kit is all in PNG format and 700 x 700 in size. Purchase price is only $2.00 and can be purchashed via the link below. please be sure to include your email address and allow up to 24 hours for receipt of your kit.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Sorry for the issues!! I had to reupload the kit and had removed the old link! i had to rename the elements inside as I had left the designers name on them after I purchased them! New link to download!

NEW FREEBIE!!!! This is a HUGE kit!!! I've thrown together some items I didn't use in other kits, plus I have actually sat down and made by hand a few of the items inside too!! The glitter shapes are all hand done by me!! There are a total of 93 elements in this kit, including ribbon wrapped frames, tons of bows not seen in the preview, lace, flowers not shown in the preview, jeweled swirls, cute brads and gems galore!! The kit is all PNG format, and taggers sized at 700 x 700.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Introducing CandyGirl FREE KIT!!

Ah Sugar!! The sweet, sweet taste of candy, without the guilt!! Kit contains 16 papers, 2 folded, 85 elements including frames, mats, bows, ribbons, net butterflies, candy with and without sticks, even a couple of bunches of suckers! Candy with sticks is without bows so you can mix or match your colors! There is even some cute word art made by me! enjoy your freebie!


Monday, April 21, 2008

Grundy Green....

Here is another new one!!
Grungy....and Green! LOL!!!!!
Have fun!!! This kit is FREE!!

You can download the Tagger size HERE in .rar
and the Tagger size .zip HERE
If you want the 3600x3600 size drop me a line at

8 papers...lots of elements!! Even an Alpha!!!

Lilacs And lace PTU MEGA KIT!

Here it is!! The HUGE MEGA KIT!! This kit contains 14 papers and 98 frames and elements! There are flowers of all kinds, butterflies, frames, photo mats, journaling tabs, ribbons, pins, bows, you name it!!! There is so muich included that the preview doesn't show nearly half of it! The cost of this kit is only $2.00 and can be purchased below.

Lilacs And Lace Freebie!

What can be prettier than lilacs in Spring? Well the colors of lilacs in Spring of course! This is a sampler kit that contains enough items in itself to have a lot of fun with!! Enjoy the FREEBIE and watch for the HUGE MEGA kit!!!

Download Your FREEBIE HERE

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Polka Dot Party

My latest kit....
The ladies in our yahoo group where so wonderful at helping me name this one!!!
8 papers in brown and pink
3 ribboned frames
4 ribboned square tags
4 ribboned oval tags
4 small knotted ribbons
4 long ribbons
3 flowers
2 brads
4 round mats
2 raffia ribbons
This is a ptu kit just 2$!!!!

Please make sure to include your Email addy when purchasing and allow at least 24 hours for me to send the kit to you after payment.
This kit is $2.00

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long Cool Woman PTU Kit

No, she isn't wearing a black dress, but she is definately cool!!! Or she could be HOT HOT HOT!! Shades of red mixed with cool black!! This kit is taggers sized, and in PNG format! the cost of this kit is $2.00. Please be sure to include your email address and allow up to 24 hours to recieve your kit.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Perennial Purple...

I have been having fun trying out different things to make my own elements!!
This new kit has a lot of new things...made by me!!
Heart frame, circle frame and some kinda crazy frame....all my own work!!
Plus two tags I made myself as well!!! *not the ribbons*
This is a FREE can download it HERE

Cool Water FREE Taggers Sized kit

Playing in the water has never been so pretty or so FREE!! Shades of blues and greens and tons of texture! Kit contains many more items than shown in the preview. All items are in PNG format and kit is taggers sized at 700 x 700. Have fun!


Minteee Fresh....

Here is a new one from me....with handmade items!!
4 papers and 2 frames 2 tags and flowers *made by me*
These flowers are designed by me, my mom would draw these EVERYWHERE!!!

Download by clicking the preview

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I know you all love the brown kits...
So here is my next one....Mocha *coffee theme again*
This MEGA kit is only 3$
It has 15 FUNKY papers...several elements and several frames!!!
IT'S HUGE...........

Please make sure to include your Email addy when purchasing and allow at least 24 hours for me to send the kit to you after payment.
This kit is $3.00

True Blue....

Here is my newest Freebie Kit!!!!
Download HERE!!

Summer Sunset PTU Mega Kit

Welcome to Summer...Sunset that is!!! This kit is taggers sized and is chock full of goodies all in shades of sunset!!! Oranges, yellows, & reds! This is a mega kit, with 40 elements including glitter doodles, splats, tags, ribbons, flowers, bows, rafia and more!! Not everything is shwon in the preview!

You may purchase this kit below for the prices of $2.00. Please be sure to include email address and allow up to 24 hours for your kit to be sent.

Summer Sunset Freebie!!

Do you love the colors of summer sunsets? Well I do! In this little bitty kit you will find a sample of items that are in the Summer Sunset Mega Kit!! Enjoy your freebie!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grand Opening **SALE**


We are having a Grand Opening Sale!!!

ALL kits we have released will be $2 and every new kit we release in the next week will be $2!! Even Mega Kits!!!!! This sale will last 1 week, it will start at midnight Wednesday the 9th and run for 1 week until Tuesday the 15th at Midnight.

To buy any of our kits during this sale use the button on THIS post. Select the kit you want from the drop down menu and then click the Buy Button. *Hint: you can see all out kits by clicking the kits link on the right side bar of the blog.* If you wish to buy more then one kit you can email me Here, list the kits you want to purchase and I will send you an invoice for them all at once.

Just For Giggles Mega Kit

Brand New!! Loaded mega kit full of primary colors and tons of goodies!! Kit has 9 papers, 4 glitter doodles, 7 frames, and 30 elements. Not all items are shwon in the preview. Kit is 700 x 700 in size, perfect for taggers, and in PNG format. There are dotted papers, grungy papers, crumpled frames, and some of the brightest butterflies you have ever seen!! It's just a fun littlel kit!! Just for Giggles is priced at $2.00.

Please allow up to 24 hours when purchasing for your kit to be delivered, and always include your email address.